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Lois Greenfield: Moving Still is the first book in seventeen years to showcase Lois’s creative output. The subjects of her photographs are leading contemporary dancers, many of whom perform with international touring companies. Each exuberant and explosive photograph is accompanied by an extended caption that provides fascinating insight into Lois’ creative process. The book’s concluding interview between Lois Greenfield and curator William A. Ewing lends a deeper understanding of the motivations behind Lois’s most recent work.



With Airborne, her first book in over six years, Lois Greenfield takes us to spectacular new heights. Collaborating with some of the world’s finest dancers from such illustrious dance companies as the Martha Graham Dance Company, Pilobolus, San Francisco Ballet, the Parsons Dance Company, and Ballet Tech, she captures moments of startling grace and power.



Breaking Bounds is a collections of 87 of Greenfield’s extraordinary images, taken between 1982 and 1991 and represents the best of her mature personal work of that time. That period saw her achieve her aim: to liberate the dancer from the dance. “I tell my dancers,” she says, “to leave their choreography at the door,” and here indeed we see dance as it has never been shown onstage. These are movements which arise through a collaboration between Greenfield and a host of dancers, unrestrained by the bounds of choreography, willing to take risks and to push to the absolute limits the boundaries of both photography and dance.


Interviews / Feature Articles

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